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Queen Size Tapestries

Indian Hippie Bohemian Psychedelic Peacock Mandala Wall Hanging Tapestry
Indian Hippie Bohemian Psychedelic Peacock Mandala Wall Hanging Tapestry
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If you have a queen size bed in your bedroom it is better to go for a Queen Size Tapestry rather than a queen size bedspread. Not only will it look stunning, it also brings in a warm and welcoming feel into your bedroom.

You can find a queen tapestry in just about any design, pattern or colour. You can choose the best one that goes with your theme and style. You could even use it to cover one of the walls in your bedroom or put it up as your headboard.

While using a queen tapestry bedspread it is better to go for one that is made out of 100% cotton. Not only would this be light-weight, it will also be very skin-friendly and comfortable. If you go for a high quality queen tapestry, it will also be very durable.

An ideal choice for a queen bed tapestry would be a queen size mandala tapestry. With its eye-catching design, the queen mandala tapestry will grab the attention of your visitors almost immediately. Most such tapestries are screen-printed using high-quality dyes and they come in beautiful patterns and colours to match every décor.

At Bless estore you can find many a queen size Indian Tapestry in a variety of hippie, gypsy and bohemian designs. These would also make excellent dorm decorations to help you feel absolutely at home. Apart from a bedspread, you could also use a queen size bed tapestry as a hippie blanket.

The various designs of queen size tapestry bedspread we offer include:

Black and White Tapestries

Black and White tapestries look good in almost any kind of décor. When used as a bedspread, a black and white tapestry can make your bedroom look sophisticated and classy. If you want you can add in some colour by using some colourful throw pillows. These are the most sought after pieces by college students as they make excellent dorm décor.

Colourful Tapestries

You can find a queen bed tapestry in almost any colour so as to match your style and décor. They are available in bright and vivid colour such as red, pink, blue, green, and purple. There are also multi-colour tapestries that brighten up even the dullest of the bedrooms. If chosen wisely you can create the right mood in your bedroom.

Tapestries with Hippy and Bohemian Designs

If you are looking for a queen size Indian tapestry you can find many on Bless estore with Hippy and Bohemian Designs. Not only would such a tapestry add some colour and brightness to your room, it will also enhance the elegance of your bedroom in a big way.

Psychedelic Tapestries

The kaleidoscopic patterns of Psychedelic tapestries can bring in a hallucinating effect to your bedroom. These tapestries come in contrasting colours and have repetitive motifs along with swirling colour patterns. While looking absolutely bright and eye-catching, they also add in an aspect of fascination to your room.

The Tree of Life Tapestry

You can very well come across a queen bed tapestry with a Tree of Life design. Being a spiritual symbol, this tapestry will keep reminding you that you are a child of the universe, you have a right to exist and that you have a responsibility to help others as you continue towards the future.

Indian Tapestries with Elephant and Peacock Designs

The elephant and peacock designs that you find especially in the mandala tapestries are really attractive to the eyes. Apart from the décor part, they also create a positive environment in your space. Whether you use it as a queen size tapestry bedspread or put it up as a wall hanging, this kind of tapestry would create a remarkable effect in your room.

Apart from using our queen size tapestries as bedspreads, you can also use them as table cloths, porch hangings, beach throws, curtains, sofa covers, picnic blankets, wedding decoration, dorm decoration or restaurant decoration. They make excellent gift ideas, whatever may be the occasion and whoever may be the recipient.

Most of the tapestries that you find on Bless estore are all handmade by highly skilled and experienced artisans and craftsmen. Each design that you see on our website is very unique. We have strict standards in place so as to maintain the qualities of the queen tapestries that we offer. We don’t take up mass production only because we want to give our customers absolutely unique pieces that are of the highest quality.

Each tapestry at Bless estore takes about a week or so to finish. The product that you get at the end of this week would be absolutely worth the wait. We use power looms that are absolutely tight, to construct these tapestries one at a time. Thin as a sheet, each Queen Tapestry comes with hemmed edges for added protection.

It is not every day that you can find such beautiful pieces to adorn your bedrooms. So, place your order before the piece that has caught your attention goes out of stock.