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Bless International Moscow-Mule Hammered-Copper 18-Ounce Drinking-Mug Set-of-2

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  • QUALITY: 100% solid copper construction and weighs over one-half pound. Thick 22-gauge copper gives each mug a heavy feel, while the large copper handle provides a sturdy grip for your ice cold drink. Hammered solid copper body, lined with nickel.
  • AUTHENTIC: The Moscow Mule is intended to be served in a copper mug that allows the citric acid from the lime to react with the copper. Includes 2 mugs.
  • CRAFTSMANSHIP: Bless International Moscow Mule Mugs are handmade in a 2 day, 15 step process. Because of this, no two mugs are exactly identical! From the application of the large handle to the beveled base, the attention to detail when crafting Bless International mugs is unmatched.
  • GREAT GIFT: Bless International mugs are packaged and ship in a custom designed gift box with recipe, cleaning instructions and the history of the drink included. Everyone enjoys receiving Bless International Moscow Mule Mugs, making them a great gift for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, housewarming parties, bachelor or bachelorette parties, for the groomsmen or bridal party, to give thanks, or just because!
  • USES: Perfect for cocktails, beer, and even iced tea. It's designed to keep drinks colder.
  • This Beautiful Mule Mug is handmade using classic methods and one of the finest piece of art you will come across.

    Don’t buy any Mule Mugs blindly. Let us help you with the Insights and details of how this amazing handmade work gets done:

    When comparing your copper mug options, consider the following questions:

    How we are different:

    1) How much do they weigh? You can’t make a quality mug with cheap material (skimping on copper). Bless International mugs each weigh around .40 pound (170 grams) versus 120-140 grams for most of our competitors.

    2) Are they 100% Copper? Many competitors use a lacquered copper for the interior. Our mugs are copper THROUGHOUT, including the handle, and no lacquer is used on the inside of the mug.

    3) Are they handmade? Bless International mugs are made in Uttar Pradesh, an area of India known for its skilled copper artisans. Being handmade, no two mugs are identical. The artisans who make Bless International Moscow Mule Mugs achieve a level of detail that can’t be replicated with other manufacturing methods.

    Care Instructions :

    Tarnishing is a naturally occurring process that happens when copper reacts with outside elements, such as oxygen, moisture or human touch. Because these mugs are made of real copper and there is NO LACQUER on the inside of the mugs, they will tarnish without simple proper care.

    The easiest way to prevent tarnish is to wash the mugs with soap and warm water after use (do not wash in dishwasher) and then immediately towel dry. Avoid leaving liquids in the mugs for extended periods of time.

    If tarnish does begin to occur, it is very simple to remove. There are a number of copper cleaners available. Alternatively, it can be removed naturally using baking soda and lemon juice or salt and vinegar and scrubbing with a wet cloth.