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12 Home Décor Tips That You Can Use To Make Any Room Look Better

12 Home Décor Tips That You Can Use To Make Any Room Look Better

Decorating your home is better done when you do it all by yourself. Why? It is because it is your space. You want to choose each and every item according to your preference and then match it with the theme that you have selected for your space. If you thought this was only a job of a professional interior decorator, you are absolutely wrong.

Let me tell you one thing. There are no rules when it comes to decorating a home. None of the professional designers own a secret rule book that will tell them what to use where. It depends entirely on your creativity. If you can dream, imagine and explore, you can go about with the project of decorating your home all by yourself. Just follow your intuition.

Here are a few tips and tricks that can make it easier for you to start:

Choosing the paint color is the last thing you should do

Many homeowners wish to move in to a house, the walls of which are freshly painted with the colors they have chosen. While this is the most common thing most do, it is not necessarily the ideal thing.

Paint color is something that you choose after taking into consideration, the light sources, the size of the room, your upholstery, your curtains, your rugs, your tapestries, your artwork and everything else that is in the room. It is difficult to imagine the right tint, shade or tone of the paint color that goes well with all these. It is only possible to pick the right color when all your stuff is actually there inside your room.


Make sure your furniture gets some breathing space

Overcrowding your room with lots of furniture is not the right way to decorate your space. You will need lot of space so as to maneuver with ease. I am sure this might appeal to you if you are on a tight budget. It doesn’t matter what budget you are on. Choose fewer pieces of furniture, but those that are of high-quality. Your room will look stylish and elegant.

Home decor furniture

While price is definitely a consideration, make sure you also take durability into account. It is okay for the shape of the piece to be a bit unconventional; but make sure it reflects your personality. Light-colored fabric might look good in formal living rooms, bedrooms and foyer; but if you are going to use your furniture a lot it is better to go for darker fabrics. Whatever you choose, make sure those pieces of furniture don’t end up fighting for attention.

Choose the right height to hang your artwork

If you have visited art museums and galleries, you would have noticed the way they hang the pieces of art work. They are hung in such a way that the center or midline of each and every piece is at a height of about 57 to 60 inches when measured from the floor. This is because the eye level of an average human is 57 inches. This is something you should consider while hanging your art works, wall hangings or tapestries.

Wall art

Your room might have a high ceiling; but there is no point in putting up a beautiful tapestry or an exclusive piece of art work at a height where no one will be able to see, at a casual glance. Human scale is what you need to consider here and not the scale of your structure.

Taking a picture can tell you the exact size and dimensions of the art work piece, tapestry or wall hanging that you need to choose.


Understand the right way to arrange your furniture on a rug

Arranging your furniture on a rug gives a very luxurious feel to your space. In fact the bigger the rug is the better it might look. If you have a big room, you can use a big rug and make sure all the furniture legs are placed on top of it. However, make sure you leave about 12 to 18 inches of floor-space around all sides of your rug.
In case your room is smaller, it makes sense to keep all furniture legs, off the rug. Nevertheless, it is not really wise to choose a very small rug as it might look insignificant. Make sure a narrow strip of floor shows up in between the rug and the piece of furniture, so as to make your room look spacious. You can use a couple of smaller coffee tables instead of a huge one so that more of your rug is seen.

arrange furniture on rug

Alternatively, you can go for the Front on approach, where only the front legs of your furniture pieces are sitting on the rug. While creating a well-defined space, this approach also brings about a feeling of openness.

Don’t become too theme-y

While a theme is essential for your home to look unique, overdoing it might kill your individuality, making your space look just like any other standard one. Play around with a few accessories and maybe patterns of fabrics to help you achieve the desired effect, without seeming too obvious. Remember, your space is a reflection of who you are.

Make sure you create a focal point in your space

Just like there is a leading actor in every movie, there should be a focal point in each room. Choose your star wisely. It could be a beautiful tapestry, a painting, a sculpture or an exquisite piece of art-work; but it should be capable of drawing the attention of the visitor the moment he enters into that space. All other items that you choose to decorate this space should only complement this focal point, without creating any visual noise. There has to be only one hero; the rest are all supporting actors.

home decor focal point

Also, you will have to choose the best spot for placing your focal point. The best thing to do would be to create a focal point directly across the entrance to your room.

Know when to stop

It doesn’t matter who gave it to you, if the piece that you have hung in your space doesn’t fit there, it should just not be there. It can probably find a new home in another room or even in another house. While accessorizing is necessary, it is important to know when you need to stop. Don’t hang on to a piece that just doesn’t fit. You have to strike that perfect balance while using different elements to decorate your room.


Remember the Scale always varies

What might look perfect in a store may seem like a huge elephant in your room. Or, it could even appear very tiny or insignificant. Therefore it is very important to vary your scale. Measure your walls carefully and visualize how things fit, before you actually buy them.

Add different layers of lighting

In any room there are three things you need to consider – the background, the artwork and the furniture. You can use different layers of lighting to highlight each of these aspects. Using just one centralized lighting fixture may not create that dramatic result you are looking for. Today there are many lighting options in LED to cater to all your requirements. You can use panel lighting for your background/wall. You can put up spotlights to highlight your art work or your focal point. Finally, you can use ceiling lighting fixtures to brighten up the space where you actually sit.

home decor lighting

Layers of lighting can add in variety while making the space interesting and intriguing. Nothing really stands out in a room that is lit up evenly. Lighting is one main thing that can help you set the mood and creates the right ambience in a room. While highlighting your primary and secondary focal points, you could even think of adding in a few low-lighting options such as table lamps and floor lamps to make things seem more interesting.

It is okay to be different

You don’t always have to do things that are expected out of you. You can be different and this is the only thing that will help you get noticed. It is the same thing with design too. Create a personality for your space. Keep trying with different elements. You will soon know what will work and what won’t. Make a statement. Have some real fun.
Add in a few unexpected elements to bring out that magic or create that drama. Maybe an oversized chandelier, library-style bookshelves or a few unconventional ottoman seats could do the trick. Whatever you do make sure it results in charisma, even if they are not something that can be interpreted.

Ignore the principles while exploring your creativity

There may be guidelines following which you can decorate or furnish your home. Nevertheless, refrain from sticking to them. The idea should be to personalize your space and make it as comfortable as possible.

It is all about symmetry

Symmetrical designs appeal to the human eye in a natural way. It is therefore that interior decorators tend to double up on things such as chairs, floor lamps or end tables. They aim at creating two matching halves of everything so as to add up to a gorgeous room. However, you need not always aim for a perfect room. You can add in one or two objects that may set the symmetry slightly off. For instance, you could use a sculptural object or a throw to your living room set up, while adopting the pairing strategy for your accent chairs, lamps, pillows and end tables.
Tapestries, rugs, flowers, starburst mirrors, beautiful bowls, paintings, sculptures, pottery, decorative boxes, candle sticks and trays – you can choose just about anything to accessorize and decorate your home. Don’t be afraid to try new designs that you haven’t seen anywhere. Express your personality through your décor. After all it is your space!


Happy tapestry shopping!

Thanks & regards
Dr. Hitesh Sharma
Bless International (™)

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