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5 Chic and Tasteful Ways to use your new Tapestry

5 Chic and Tasteful Ways to use your new Tapestry

Tapestries, renowned as the perfect blend of ancient and modern art, have been providing the scent of peace since forever. The unique and bold designs on the tapestries are a sight to behold and have an absolute sense of peacefulness imbibed in it.  Not just that, it is also a potent meditative symbol.

There are plenty of conventional ways in which the tapestries are utilized, viz as wall hangings, headboards, bedsheets, yoga sheets, picnic blankets, and much more.

However, this blog will help you explore some of the untouched and unexplored ways of using a tapestry to keep the good omen with you in an utter chic and elegant manner.

  1. Make a Pillow

Your favourite tapestry can also double as a comfortable cushion with just a little effort. Fold the tapestry till the required dimension and then roll it or pin it to secure the shape. Use it as a neck pillow during your next leisure time.

  1. Renew your Old Furniture

Revamp your old sofa with your diligent and multipurpose tapestry; cover your desired item with the tapestry and fix all the sides firmly with the help of pins or clips. And just like that, your newly designed furniture is ready to showcase.

  1. Make a Canopy

Take the centre of the tapestry, insert a ball in the centre and from above tie it firmly with a rope (or a cloth string, whatever floats your boat!). Use the rope to hang the canopy with the support of a rod or a ceiling hook.

  1. Wear it, Flaunt it!

Wearing a tapestry is the best way to flaunt your body on a sunny day. Take one end of the tapestry over your shoulder and wrap the other end one and a half-round. Tie a knot over the shoulder using both the ends.

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