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8 Different Ways to Hang a Tapestry

8 Different Ways to Hang a Tapestry


Tapestries have had a wide history all around the world and draw different purposes in different cultures. The Egyptians used tapestries as shrouds while the  Greeks and Romans used them as wall-coverings. In the modern world too, tapestries serve different purposes for different people.


Here are 8 different ways in which you can hang your tapestry irrespective of your purpose.


Use Nails and Pushpins

This is by far the easiest way to hang your tapestry and works best if you have tapestries with a larger weave. If you use nails or push pins with a tapestry of tighter weave, you might end up making holes in your beloved tapestry.


Hang it on a Frame

You can turn your tapestry into an art-piece by hanging it over a wooden frame. You can easily  “DIY” the whole process by simply using a staple gun. Just stretch the tapestry evenly over the frame, fold the corners and staple them. If your tapestry is thin, you might have to consider covering the frame with a canvas and then going over with the tapestry.


Secure it with Velcro

If the idea of punching holes in your tapestry drives you crazy, Velcro can be your life-saver. You can use self-adhesive velcro tape to hang your tapestry to the wall. This way both the wall and the tapestry will save themself from any kind of damage.


Hang it like a Curtain

You can also double your tapestry as a curtain; the beautiful and bold designs of these tapestries can allow easy passage of air, refined colorful light in the room, with no threat to your privacy. Mandala Tapestries or Elephant tapestries can be great options to hang on your windows. It can be a great add-on to your meditation space too.


Make a Canopy

Make your tapestry do double duty and use it as a canopy. Hang it on the ceiling or drape it from the wall all up to the ceiling to create an intimate sitting or meditation space.


Use Tapestry Rods

If you have a tapestry that has a pre-built slot for a rod, this can be a very convenient method. It also enables easy movement of the tapestry and prevents any damage.


Use Poster Hangers

This is a smart hack if you want to keep your tapestry hung tight and elegant. You can opt for a large poster hanger to cover a larger area of the tapestry to give it a clean look.


Use Adhesive Hooks

A damage-free method for both your wall and the tapestry, adhesive hooks are a great alternative of all the above methods if you are a college student or someone who has to move frequently, this can be your preferred method of hanging.


Tapestries hold a great importance in terms of radiating positive energy which makes a great set-up for meditation. The tradition of meditating by being surrounded by entities radiating positivity dates back to 1700 B.C. and is said to alleviate a person to higher spiritual self and self-knowledge.

Bless is created with an idea of supporting meditative practices by providing beautiful tapestries which are not just a sight to behold, but would also help you bring the tranquility required to attain the best start for meditation.

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