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Accessorizing your Home, the Right Way

Accessorizing your Home, the Right Way

Accessories play a very important role when it comes to home décor. These Tapestries enhance the beauty of your space. Without these adornments, your home will appear bland and drab.

Just like a woman would wear jewellery to enhance her beauty, a home should be decorated with accessories. They create focal points that capture the eyes of the visitors. They give soul to your home.

Often when it comes to accessorizing your home, you often get confused on what to include and what not to. It is also about displaying things the right way. There are a few principles you should know before you go about accessorizing your home. Here are a few of those:

Look for potential accessories

There might be many things in your home with which you can accessorize your home – stones, pinecones, shells, costume jewellery, pebbles, matchboxes or craft items. You might find a couple of these in your yard, basement or attic. Find all of them and put them together. Displaying these in a decorative tray or bowl may seem attractive enough. Next time you go on a trip, make sure you visit a few craft galleries or antique stores. You might find something attractive to decorate your home.

Balance the objects

You have to make sure you balance the colour, pattern and visual weight when you decorate your home with objects. Make your home look and feel more casual. For instance, you can just prop up or overlap photographs instead of hanging them on your walls. Focus on creating clusters of objects if you want to strike a balance.

Group your accessories in the right way

If you can find items that are similar in palette, texture or character, group them together, while displaying them. In case you have identical objects, make sure you have them in different sizes. Always arrange them in odd numbers. Don’t get too matchy-matchy or symmetrical. You could even consider a pyramid arrangement with the tallest object at the back. Small items can be grouped together and displayed in a tray or bowl.

It is okay to mix your accessories with books

Books are among the cheapest accessories to decorate your home. If you don’t have enough, you can always get them at a library or a yard sale. You can stack them up according to their size or even arrange them side by side. You can keep objects on either side to get the décor right.Bookshelves make great decorative spaces and they don’t always have to be filled with only books.

Use an anchor

If you are arranging a table top, you could keep a couple of tall identical objects such as candles and then surround them up with objects of smaller sizes. Some fresh flowers or even a bowl of fruits can serve as an anchor. This gives a lived-in feel and brings in some soul to your home.

Scale your objects well

The size of the objects you choose should be in accordance with the surface that you keep them on. They can’t be too big or puny. You can keep them at different heights if they aren’t of same height. It doesn’t matter if some of your table tops are not filled; once in a while it is important to give those eyes some rest. Make sure the colour goes well with the rest of your décor such as walls, upholsteries, cushions and curtains.

Group together objects that are of a similar character

If you can gather together objects that are of a same colour, texture or finish, it makes sense to group them together. You can arrange them in a corner against a wall of a contrast colour to enhance their effect and make them stand out.

Bring out your collections

If you have been collecting things, it doesn’t make sense anymore to keep them hidden in your closet. You can group them up and display them on shelves…. you can arrange them on table tops…. or you could even display them on your wall if they are not too delicate or valuable. Collections could be anything – hats, bags, baskets, vases or boxes. They need not always be of great value. When you combine things you give them a collective weight, which goes missing when you display individual items.

Anything can look nice if you have enough of them to display as a group. In case the number of good pieces you have is limited, you can always toss in a couple of imposters that you can later replace as and when you acquire better ones.

Echo the accent colour

In case one of your walls has been painted with an accent colour, you can echo the same with accessories. You can choose a few vases or bowls in the same colour and group them up with items of contrast colour to fit them well in your room.

Bring in an element of entertainment

It is accessories that make the eyes pick up the dominant accent of your room and give your eyes a path to travel. You place some interesting objects or even display some ordinary objects in an interesting way to add in an element of entertainment to your space.

There are lots of things you can use to decorate your home. A few objects that people generally use are listed below:

  • Vases / urns
  • Lamps
  • Sculptures
  • Photographs
  • Clocks
  • Mirrors
  • Candles
  • Candle holders
  • Corals
  • Plants
  • Flowers
  • Paintings
  • Vintage microscopes or scissors

You could even just about take an everyday object and treat it as a piece of art. It depends on your creativity how you choose to display it.

If you don’t want too many accessories you could even use a tapestry to decorate your space. Just put up a beautiful tapestry on one of your walls and it will capture the eyes of your visitors instantly. Today you get tapestries in different designs and colours to match every décor, no matter how complex it is.

So, have you started accessorizing your home yet?


Happy tapestry shopping!

Thanks & regards
Dr. Hitesh Sharma
Bless International (™)

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