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Adding Large Tapestries to your Home Decor

Adding Large Tapestries to your Home Decor

Tapestries come in different sizes and you can even get large ones that cover your entire wall. Not only are they beautiful, they come in intricate patterns that look almost like they are embroidered. The varieties you can find are amazing and the choices are unlimited. Whatever your theme maybe, you are sure to find a perfect large tapestry that goes with it. Let us now look at a few benefits of using large tapestries to decorate your home.

One large tapestry instead of many paintings

Instead of spending money on many kinds of artefacts and paintings, you can just put up one large tapestry on your wall and be done. Not only does this help you save on your money and efforts, it also becomes the focal point of your space, while being elegant and unique. There are so many details included in one tapestry that one can spend quite some time just looking at it.

Different Materials to choose from

Apart from sizes, wall tapestries also come in different materials such as wool, linen and cotton. There are tapestries that also have silk, gold and silver in them. The images on such tapestries may even reflect light and glitter, capturing all the attention. The higher the quality of the material, the more luxurious and elegant the tapestry looks.

Large Tapestries can make your home cozy

In olden days, large tapestries were used to cover the stone walls of the castles that would get too cold during the winter. This would add some warmth to the space. You can do the same too. If you live in a place that gets too cold during winter, go for a tapestry made of wool and cover your wall with it. You can even buy a couple of them. Woollen tapestries also come in different patterns and colors that look really attractive.

Large Tapestries can cover the flaws in your walls

In case there are any holes, cracks or faded patches of paint on your walls, they can be easily and completely covered by putting up a large tapestry. Paintings may not do such a good job here. No one would know about the flaws that lie behind these tapestries and in turn you can have your guests looking at your tapestry with awe and wonder.

Tapestries are portable and easy to move around

Tapestries, however large they may be, can be easily taken down from the wall and rolled up when not in use. They are not heavy if they are to be moved. However, you cannot expect the same thing with paintings. Large paintings can be quite heavy to handle. Also, there are chances that they may break or get damaged while moving. These things do not happen with tapestries.

Tapestries are low-maintenance

Tapestries do not fade or tear with time if you handle them well. They require minimum maintenance when it comes to cleaning. However, here are a few things you need to follow when it comes to using and maintaining your tapestries:

  • Hang your tapestry on a wall that is not exposed to sunlight directly. This will prevent the tapestry from fading
  • Make sure the place where you hang your tapestry is devoid of moisture or excess heat. Halls, bedrooms, studies and lounges are usually best places to hang your tapestries. Avoid putting them up in kitchens and bathrooms
  • In case there are any curls or creases on your tapestry just lay it flat and then place a few books or some weight on it for a while. You can use an iron provided you use a cloth between the tapestry and the iron box. Low or medium heat should be sufficient.
  • Tapestries are best displayed when hung flat. For this, you can insert rods at the top and base of your tapestry.
  • Use a soft brush to clean your tapestry. A soft paint brush that is dry and clean should do. You can also use a vacuum cleaner that has an upholstery attachment. This will leave your tapestry looking clean and fresh.
If it is a tapestry made out of a delicate material you can even get it dry cleaned once in a while

Tapestries are affordable

Most types of tapestries are very much affordable, unless you want to go for the hand-woven ones. You can buy a couple of them and keep changing or rotating them to change the look of your space. You cannot do this with paintings.

If you go for a painting that is as big as a large tapestry you may have to shell out a lot of money. They can be too expense to change or rotate.

Old tapestries can be put to many uses

Once a painting becomes old, faded or damaged, all you can do is dispose it off. However, with large tapestries it is different. There are many uses you can put your tapestries to:

  • You can use them as curtains to prevent direct sunlight from entering through your window
  • They make beautiful bed spreads
  • You can hang it up behind your bed and make a head board out of it
  • You can make cushion covers out of a tapestry
  • You can use them as throw blankets
  • You can make a picnic blanket out of a tapestry
  • You can just hang it from your ceiling to add some warmth and coziness
  • You can use it to make a canopy for your bed

If you are creative enough you can think of even more uses for your old tapestries. You don’t have to dispose them off.

With so many benefits, there is no reason why you should not use large tapestries to decorate your home. You don’t even have to worry about going tapestry shopping. There are many websites that not only sell tapestries but also deliver them right at your door step. All you need to do is go through a few of these, make your choice and place your order. Within a couple of days you will be able to put up that dream tapestry on your wall and enjoy the magic it adds up to your space.


Happy Tapestry Shopping!

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Dr. Hitesh Sharma
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