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Amazing Tips for Maximum Utilization of Space

Amazing Tips for Maximum Utilization of Space

Not everybody can afford a big home that looks spacious enough in spite of furnishing it completely. However, it is very much possible to make maximum use of the space that is available in every room of your home. All that you need to do is use your creativity.

Here are a few tips that can set you towards thinking in that perfect direction:

Get Clutter-Free

Often it is clutter that makes it difficult for you to make the maximum utilization of space available in a room. So, the first thing that you need to do in order to improve the functionality of your room is to eliminate clutter. You can follow the following steps in order to clear your clutter:

  • Go around your home, room by room, and then write down the main purpose of each and every room. It is about what exactly you are using the room for.
  • Analyse each and every item that you find in that room, keeping in mind the purpose of that room. If it does not fit, it will either have to go into the right room or into the bin.
  • Slow down the accumulation of your possessions. This way you can manage your clutter efficiently. Whenever you go to purchase an item, find out if you really need it.
  • If you have to buy something for your home, make sure you think of something that you can dispose of from that space.

Make sure everything has a space to store and everything is in its place. This would be an on-going exercise to maintain your room efficiently.

Take advantage of Vertical Space

We generally fill up our floor space with furniture; but forget to use the vertical space. If you take this into consideration, you will find that you there is a lot of empty space that you can use. This is what you can do to make the fullest utilization of your vertical space:

  • Stack up things : If you can spare some time you can actually find many stackable products that you can use for every room in your house. There are filing cabinets, washer and dryer sets, toy racks and more.
  • Use Bunk beds: Bunk beds can help you save a lot of space in your kids’ bedroom. You can even think of lofting the top bed and removing the bottom one. This floor space can be used for storage or as a workstation. Alternatively, you can get a bed that comes with storage drawers that you can make use of.
  • Go Modular: Modular storage solutions can create wonders to organize spaces in your kitchens, garages, laundry rooms or even large closets. They can help you save a lot of space.
Keep doing your research on storage solutions. You will find a lot more such ideas to make maximum utilization of the vertical space that is available in your room.

Scale your Bedroom before Buying Furniture

Most people complain that their bedrooms are very small. Nevertheless, if you scale your bedroom properly you can create enough space for your stuff. 

Check out the furniture in your bedroom. If an armoire or a dresser is too big for your room, it will definitely look crowded. You will have to choose furniture according to the size of your bedroom. If you think standard sized furniture don’t fit into your bedroom you can even go for customized ones.

Try going for something that is sleek and does not have curves. Choose tall, slim pieces when it comes to storage solutions.


Increase your Floor Space

This is something you have to do in living rooms and home studies. Using sectional sofas and L-shaped desks can help you use the corners of your room efficiently. This will create more floor space in the middle of your room, making it look much more spacious. You can also look for furniture solutions that double up as storage units.

Create illusion of space through Lighting

You can make your room look spacious by using the right kind of lighting. Use lighting solutions that help in drawing the eyes upward. Think in terms of overhead lighting, tall lamps and wall sconces. The focus should be taken off from the actual width of your room. This will push the vision upwards, making people feel that your space is much bigger than it actually is.

Alternatively, painting your walls with lighter and brighter colours and putting up sheer curtains on your windows can also make your space appear bigger.

Keep your Hallways Open and Free

There is no need to fill every nook and corner while furnishing your home. You can leave some spaces empty, especially your hallways. Putting up benches, tables or any other accessories in narrow hallways, is one mistake that most people end up committing.

Not only do these constrict the flow of traffic, they can also make your space appear much smaller.

The main purpose of hallways is to help you move between rooms. Keep it that way.

Do Away with the Bath Tub

Unless very much necessary it is better to avoid putting up bathtubs in bathrooms. This can use up a lot of space. Instead go for a standing shower that has glass doors. Not only does it make your space appear bigger, it will also reduce your overall footprint. It is much more practical and functional. In fact it can also help you save water. You can go for features such as rain showers, jets and even steam options.

Once you have cleared all your clutter, made the most of your vertical space, scaled your bedroom well, increased your floor space and used up the right kind of lighting, it is time to add a bit of décor to your home. One simple and easy option is to put up beautiful tapestries on your walls. One tapestry should be good enough to add the necessary décor to one room.

Tapestries are available in many elegant designs to suit every theme and budget. While saving money on many different paintings and artwork, they can also help in beautifying your space.


Happy tapestry shopping!

Thanks & regards
Dr. Hitesh Sharma
Bless International (™)

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