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How To Create Your Own Meditation Space

How To Create Your Own Meditation Space


Each corner in our house often carries the impression and vibe of the activities that we do there. We have set spaces designated for sleeping, eating (well, some of us!), lounging, and cooking - the entire nomenclature of our rooms is based on what we do in there. We bathe in the bathroom, dine in the dining room, but do we have space where we can just be - a place secluded from the chaos of modern life solely intended to find your inner self. This dreamy corner can be your meditation space where you find silence and stillness. Spending some time in a meditation corner allows you to be one with your inner-self and cultivate awareness about oneself.

You need it, but how do you get it?

Well, it isn't as daunting as it sounds, "you can create your own Meditation Space." Here's how-

1) Find a Space

You'd want to look out for a space that is quiet and still. Avoid choosing a space that is prone to frequent disturbances or has loud sound coming in. You don't want the urban jungle to hinder your serenity.

2) Determine the purpose of the Space

Ask yourself, what is the purpose of the space; Do you need a private meditation space or a one you can share with someone; are you seeking a place to find inner peace or to create a peaceful space in your home. The purpose of this space will shape what you need to do in the next steps.

3) Decorate your Space

This is the most imperative step of all. You need to add a touch of your own persona in your space, which makes you feel comfortable. Tapestries are an elegant way to decorate your meditation space if you are a beginner; you can hang them on a wall of your space to emit positive energies, which make you feel relaxed in your meditation space. You can also add some comfortable and beautiful abstract pillows & cushions to add comfort and style to your pretty corner. You can complement your decor with a handmade macrame and an aesthetic rug to complete the look. 

4) Supply your Space

Having the aroma of incense sticks filling your room can further help you loosen up. Also, the scent of the incense sticks is also known to clear the air of negative energies, which can act as a premeditation ritual to begin with your session.


Your meditation space should be furnished with everything that brings you peace and tranquility. We, at Bless, are determined to provide the best meditative accessories which have been exclusively curated after a deep study on the Shastras which elaborate the use of each of these to attain peaceful living.



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