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Why you should choose tapestries over paintings?

Why you should choose tapestries over paintings?

Most homeowners focus on decorating their homes with photographs, paintings, sculptures and other artefacts. Wall tapestries are something they tend to neglect. Is this the right thing to do? Unfortunately not; tapestries are amongst the most elegant and unique wall decoration items that you can find.

Tapestries have been used in home décor for centuries now. Kings and Aristocrats would get tapestries custom-designed to suit their preferences. They were hand-woven and very expensive. Eventually with the development of technology, tapestries started becoming affordable, which made almost every common man buy it to decorate his house.

There are many reasons why a homeowner should choose a tapestry over paintings. A few are mentioned below:

Tapestries come in different sizes

You can choose the right size of the tapestry depending upon the dimensions of your wall. You can get tapestries for walls of all sizes. Not only will you get something that covers your wall, you will also get something that is really unique. This is not the case with traditional wall paintings.

Tapestries can suit any Theme

Tapestries are available in all colors, designs, patterns and fabrics. You can find the perfect one irrespective of your home décor theme. In fact, even after you have painted your home and bought the rest of the furniture, you can go shopping for a tapestry. However, you cannot always get the right thing when it comes to painting. At times you may even have to re-do your theme depending on the painting.

Tapestries come in different fabrics

Depending upon the theme of your home, you can choose tapestries made out of the right fabric. There are cotton tapestries, woollen ones, linen ones and even those that are made out of silk. At times, gold and silver threads are woven into the tapestries to make them look elegant and luxurious. You cannot expect the same in case of paintings.

Tapestries can be appreciated by everyone

Once you put up a beautiful tapestry on your wall, you can expect it to capture the attention of your visitors instantly, no matter what their background or age is. They will just look at it with wonder and awe. However, paintings are usually appreciated only by art lovers and art enthusiasts.

Tapestries are easy to transport

While it might be difficult to move wall paintings from one place to another, tapestries can be transported easily. All you need to do is take them out, roll them and transport. There are no chances of them getting broken or damaged, as in the case of wall paintings.

Tapestries are low-maintenance

Maintaining tapestries is very easy and can be done by anyone. A soft brush such as a painting brush should help you clean your tapestry. Any stains also can be easily removed by using a gentle fabric cleanser. You can even give it for dry clean without any worries. Cotton and linen tapestries can even be machine-washed. Paintings, on the other hand, may require lot of care when it comes to maintenance.

Tapestries are versatile

There is no hard and fast rule that you have to hang your tapestry on the wall. You can use your tapestries in many ways. A few such uses include:

  • Window Curtains: You can reduce the light coming in through your window by tacking up your tapestries over the windows.
  • Picnic Blanket: You can use a tapestry by itself or make a waterproof picnic blanket out of it. This will keep you protected from the scratchy, wet grass.
  • Bed spread: Spread out your tapestry over your bed cover and enhance the beauty of your bedroom. Thin cotton tapestries can be very comfortable to sleep on. Also, since they are often large in size they can be adjusted to fit beds of any sizes.
  • Headboard for your bed: Hanging a tapestry behind your bed or pinning it up on your head board can make for an excellent headboard for your bed.
  • Canopy: You can turn your tapestry into a gorgeous canopy and create some private space for yourself if you happen to be sharing your room with a roommate
  • Table-cloth: Spread your tapestry across your table and create an excellent table-cloth. Your guests are sure to be amazed.

Apart from the above, you can even use a tapestry as a throw blanket. You can also hang it across the ceiling to make your room cozy and warm.

If you get a little more creative, there are other ways to use tapestries too. For instance, if your couch has too many stains, cover it up with a tapestry. You can use it as a backdrop for a party, a wedding celebration or a photo shoot. If there is an old tapestry that you can no more use as a wall hanging you can cut it up and make cushion covers out of it. You can even make your own upholstery out of tapestries. If you are creative there are many more ways you can come up when it comes to using your tapestries. Paintings however, are just for hanging on your walls as decorative pieces.

Tapestries are affordable

With so many options for designs and fabrics, tapestries are those items of home décor that fit into every man’s budget. They can work out to be very cost-effective. Often one tapestry might be enough to decorate an entire room. In fact, you could even keep buying new

ones and changing the way your space looks. You cannot think of doing the same with paintings, especially with the kind of money you will have to spend.

Tapestries are affordable

Right from the ancient times tapestries have been used to bring in some amount of warmth to the space. The first ever use of tapestries was to insulate the cold stone walls of castles and make the atmosphere cozy and warm. If you live in a cold country you can cover up your walls with tapestries made of wool and keep your space warm. You cannot do this with paintings.

I am sure reading this must have convinced you to choose tapestries over paintings. Look up a few websites that sell tapestries and order one online right away!

Happy tapestry shopping!

Thanks & regards
Dr. Hitesh Sharma
Bless International (™)

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