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10 Ways of Styling Tapestries

10 Ways of Styling Tapestries

If you thought your tapestry was just a pop of color, think again. You can style your tapestry in many ways. Here are a few worth considering:

The Classic Style of Wall Hanging

Tapestries have been used as wall hangings since centuries now. A tapestry can in fact cover up a whole lot of white space on your wall. You may not need any other piece of décor such as a painting or a wall hanging to fill up your space, once you have a tapestry.

Using your tapestry as window blinds

If you think there is too much light coming out of your bedroom window, tack up your tapestry over it to create blinds in the pattern that you like. While giving a beautiful look to your bedroom space, this style can also make your place cozy and comfortable.

As a picnic blanket

Your tapestry can also make up for a lovely picnic blanket. You can either use it by itself or make a waterproof picnic blanket out of it. No longer will you have to tolerate the feel of that scratchy wet grass, every time you go out on a picnic with your friends, colleagues or family members.

A Duvet Cover

Tapestries come with lovely patterns that make up for beautiful duvet covers. You can enjoy the comfortable feel of the material while you snuggle up with a friend or a pet. It could be great for kids too.

As a Bed Cover

Not all of us are crafty enough to make things out of tapestries. So a simple way to style your tapestry would be to lay it over your bedspread. Not only would this make you feel much more relaxed and comfortable, it will also lend a new life to your space.

Tapestry as a Headboard

If you have a bed that does not have a nice headboard, you can just hang a beautiful tapestry behind that bed and create the effect of an elegant headboard.  Not a bad idea to add some décor to your bed space.

As a Canopy bed

If you love to have a cozy bed to sleep in, you can create your own private space by using your tapestry as a gorgeous canopy.  This works very well to satisfy your privacy cravings especially if you have to share your room with a roommate.

Hang it from the ceiling

Hanging a tapestry right from the ceiling can change the look of your space almost instantly. If you do not have a ceiling fan or a light attached to your ceiling, this is the best thing to do. So get yourself up on a chair and start hanging that tapestry.

Cover your closet up with a tapestry

Cleaning your closet is more or less a never-ending job. Every time you want to decide on what you need to wear, you keep making a mess out of your closet. Not all times will you have the time to clear up that clutter. No worries – you can now just cover it all up using a tapestry.

As a Table Cloth

Although you can put up a tapestry on just about any flat surface, it does look very nice as a table cloth. Now, you can have those long conversations with your friends, right at that gorgeous looking dining table.

I am sure there are many more such ideas if you actually start thinking of how to use your tapestry. So, you can now actually go on a Tapestry Shopping spree for decorating your home, the way you wish.

Happy tapestry shopping!

Thanks & regards
Dr. Hitesh Sharma
Bless International (™)

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