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7 Ways to Boost your Space with Tapestries

When you plan to decorate your house there are a lot of things you may have to figure out. Do you want to hang posters or creative tapestries? Tapestries would definitely be a better option.

Your choices are natural scenery tapestries, world map tapestries, grayscale tapestries and so on. You can choose to display them the way you want. They look cool anyways. Wall tapestries don’t mean they have to be hung on to your walls. They can also be used as:


Using tapestry as bedspread would mean changing the entire look of your bedroom. Apart from adding glamour and elegance, a tapestry can also add some warmth to your bed. You will love the way your bed looks with a beautiful tapestry on top. They are always oversized but can obviously be tucked in.

Throw blankets

You can make a throw blanket out of a tapestry by folding it. You could even wrap it over the back of your couch, place it at the foot of your bed, or throw it over a chair. You can spend time with your buddy by draping both your feet using the tapestry.

Gift wraps

You could use a tapestry to wrap a gift instead of papers, especially if the gift inside is expensive. Not only does it give a fabulous and extraordinary look toyour gift, it will also please the receiver immensely.


Decorating your table with a tapestry can add some flavor and enhance the mood of your meal. However, it is better to check out the fabric, texture and color before using a tapestry as a tablecloth. Using a floral tapestry could be a good idea.

Window coveringsor Light diffusers

If you have fluorescent lights anywhere at home, it could be a good idea to cover them by using a tapestry. It instantly converts your space into a den. While the low light gets filtered through those colorful threads, fabric ceilings can create a marvelous atmosphere in your space.

Using tapestry as a window cover can also offer you the same type of relaxing feel;but the advantage here is that you can adjust it accordingly to let the natural light in.

Picnics and festival decor

While it is a great idea to spread out a tapestry in a picnic spot to enjoy tasty food with your buddies, they can also be used to enhance the festive look of your space. You can use them as window curtains, cushion covers, table cloths, quilts or bedspreads during festivals. You can also use them innovatively in your seating arrangements to help your guests enjoy your function.


This might sound a bit childish; but it is really worth using a tapestry as a fort. Drape it up on chairs, wires, tables, bedposts or whatever you can find. They make the finest and coziest forts you have ever been in. While your kids may enjoy this space, it does add to your comfort and relaxation too.

Tapestries can be very useful with the multiple uses they suffice. It depends on you how you want to use them in your home décor.

Happy tapestry shopping!

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Dr. Hitesh Sharma
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