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A Few Creative & Unique Uses of Indian Tapestries

Compared to the other kinds of tapestries, Indian tapestries involve weft-faced weaving, where in the warp threads are completely hidden. It is not like cloth weaving where in you can see both weft threads as well as warp threads. Cotton is the usual thread that most weaves use for warp.

Tapestries as Wall Hangings

Using tapestries as wall hangings is one of the most common uses of tapestries. This is how tapestries have been used since centuries now. While adding beauty, charm and coziness to your space, these tapestries also tell stories of ancient times. You can hang tapestries on the walls of your living room or bedroom so as to enhance the beauty of that room.

Tapestries as beach covers

If you live in a coastal area and would love to spend some time on the beach, it is a good idea to use your tapestry as a beach cover. Not only are these comfortable, they will also give a stylish and attractive look. Indian tapestries are quite easy to wash too. You may relax on one such tapestry and enjoy your sunbath. Else, you can just sit on one, feeling the cool breeze and the sound of the waves to relax and refresh your mind.

Tapestries as Various Covers

If you are looking for a more creative use for your tapestry, you can use it to make a traditional chair cover, table cloth, sofa cover or bed cover. You can use it the way you want, depending upon how far your imagination goes. Whatever form you use, this traditional piece of art will look extremely beautiful and elegant.

Tapestries as Couch Throws

Using tapestry as a couch throw can add up a touch of elegance and grace to your home décor. You can use it up as a light blanket if you feel slightly cold. You could even cover your body with it during cold winter days.

Tapestries as Curtains

Indian tapestries can look very elegant as curtains. You can cut one in between or use two tapestries of a similar design to make curtains. You can get curtain rings attached to the top of your tapestry. You may use it as a sliding curtain too.

Tapestries for Meditation

Meditation changes the physiology of your body, energizing each and every cell. It gives joy, peace of mind and enthusiasm. You get spiritual tapestries with mandala designs which are used mainly for yoga and meditation. This way, you will feel calm and relaxed the entire day.

Tapestries for Body Massage

Spread an Indian tapestry on a table, lie on it and put on some crisp soft music that draws you deep into the moment. You can then ask your therapist to massage your body with warm massage oil. This will help you get rid of all your pain and stress.

As they are easy to clean and maintain, there are many ways in which you can use Indian Tapestries. While being attractive, colorful and vibrant, they are the first things people would notice the moment they enter your space.


Happy tapestry shopping!

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Dr. Hitesh Sharma
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