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All about buying hardware to put up your wall tapestries


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Putting up wall tapestries is the best way to bring in some glamour and elegance to your space. Apart from making your room look stylish, it can also help in hiding imperfections such as cracks or chipped paints on your walls.

One thing you need to understand here is that putting up tapestries on your walls isn’t as easy as putting up curtains on your windows. You will have to buy all the hardware that is necessary to install a tapestry on to the wall. There are a few things you need to do here:

Get your Measurements Right

First thing to do is to choose a wall where you are going to hang the tapestry. Keeping in mind the dimensions of the tapestry, measure the wall using a measuring tape or a marking rope. Don’t try to estimate things on your own.

Choose the right method of installation

You can find various types of hardware to install wall tapestries. While some require you to drill holes into your wall, there are others that are in the form of adhesives, which stick on to your wall. If using adhesives, make sure they work on your wall. If your wall is smooth, adhesives may be a good way to install your wall tapestry; else it might not work. Although the grip is strong here, adhesive types of hardware are generally not too reliable for hanging tapestries.

Make sure the hardware set matches your Color Scheme

Although wall tapestry hardware sets may be hidden once the tapestries are hanged on to the walls, there are times when you may take them off the walls, to clean or maintain them. Therefore, it is always better to go for hardware sets that match the color theme of your interiors. For Instance, if your interiors are a beautiful combination of black and white, it makes sense to use black or white hardware sets. A brilliant green may look too out of the way.

Buy your wall tapestry accessories along with your tapestry

Once you buy a tapestry you may or may not find the right wall tapestry accessories that go well with your tapestry. If you don’t find you may have to settle for something that is unmatched, which is not really a good idea. For instance, you may have bought a beautiful floral wall tapestry. You may think you will buy a wooden hanger separately. However, what if you fail to find that wooden hanger later on? It is always better to buy these accessories as a set along with the tapestry that you are buying.

One thing you need to do while buying tapestries or hardware is to listen to your instinct. Buy only if it seems right to you. Try and imagine how a particular tapestry would look in your space before actually buying it. This can help you decide on just the right stuff.  Who knows you might even come up with your own unique design.

Happy tapestry shopping!

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Dr. Hitesh Sharma
Bless International (™)

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