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All you need to know about Mandala Tapestries

Mandala originally means a circle. It represents fullness, helping us relate to that infinity that exists beyond the world that we live in. We can see mandala in various aspects of our life – the Sun, the Earth, the Moon and the circles of life that encompass our family members, friends and communities.



A mandala is usually a motif that is filled with concentric circles. There is a central core around which elements are organized in a systematic way. You can in fact find such structures everywhere around you. A few examples include:

  • The structure of flowers
  • A spider’s web
  • the whorls of a shell
  • the Milky-Way Galaxy
  • A cross section of a fruit
  • cells of the human body

Not only do mandalas symbolize life, they are also very significant in a spiritual way. It all started with Hindus using mandala as their spiritual tool. Most of these mandalas are made by Buddhists and were used for meditation.

It all started with Tibetan Buddhists creating intricate mandalas using coloured sand, meditating and chanting as they went on. The mandala was then allowed to blow away in the wind to symbolize impermanence.

The white part of the mandala is the Yin part which represents primordial female energy and the black part which is the Yang part represents primordial masculine energy. Although both are total opposites of each other, they co-exist and do their cosmic dance, while transforming into each other continuously.

Mandala always represents an interconnection between the object and the viewer. While visually attracting your awareness and consciousness to the center point, it allows your focus to draw inwards. It therefore works as an excellent tool for meditation.

Creating mandalas is not something everyone can do for it is all intricate artwork that needs a lot of patience and skill. Therefore, mandalas of today are available as tapestries and bedsheets that also can be used for meditation. This is what you need to do if you want to use your mandala for meditation:

  • Find a silent place to sit with the mandala in your clear vision
  • Determine the purpose of your meditation. It could be to experience relaxation, joy, love, peace or connection.
  • Now select a word that can help you express that feeling. It may be “ocean” or “love” or anything else that makes you feel calm and peaceful. You can also use the word “Ohm,” which is the sound of the universe.
  • Look at the mandala with a gentle and soft gaze. You can blink normally. You don’t have to think or dream about anything. You only have to look.
  • Be in the present. If your mind starts drifting be aware of it and then return to your present situation. Concentrating on your breathing is a good technique to use here. Breathe in through your nostrils and say the mantra as you exhale, either internally or externally.

Being interconnected to everything, a mandala is a high source of energy. Practicing meditation with mandala will make it easier for you to connect with that positive energy that is present within you. This can prove to be immensely beneficial in carrying out your day-to-day tasks and improving your productivity.


Happy tapestry shopping!

Thanks & regards
Dr. Hitesh Sharma
Bless International (™)

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