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Caring the tapestries - Part 1

Tapestries make a wall very beautiful but they need to be handled with great care too. If you want that the tapestries continue beautifying your home for years to come then take a very good care of them. The Bless Store tapestries are all washable and can be easily washed at the home. They can easily machine washed too. Some tapestries especially ti-dye one can leave the colors so please wash them separately.

When hanging the tapestry like a curtain, the weight of the tapestry should be distributed evenly so that rod doesn't bow. Also keep dusting of the curtain tapestries regularly. The other way to clean them is using the vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dust.

Dust should not be so much that it starts to show; and if it shows, then it has gone for too long without dusting. The dustier the tapestry is, the more susceptible it is to other particles adhering to it. The more that accumulates, the more difficult it will be to clean. Vacuuming the tapestry twice a year should suffice except in homes with a lot of dust or a home with pets. In this case, a tapestry may need to be vacuumed as often as once every two weeks.

Indian Mandala Tapestry
Also the tapestries can fed over time if they are kept for too much time in the sunlight. So when hanging them on the wall we should keep notice that direct sunlight is not on it for too long. If it is being used as window curtain with a direct sunlight on window then use the light color tapestries and preferably the black & white and if not then keep changing them after they get faded.

We would be sharing the detailed washing instructions soon in our upcoming blog posts.
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