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Hippie tapestries: Ways to acquire and exhibit them

Hippie tapestries have been used by many people from different cultures and traditions since ages, to beautify their churches, homes, and edifices. This trend has come back today with newer advancements. You can find Hippie Tapestries in varieties such as tie dye, rock bands, rock legend and themes that can fit into any décor or style. You can be sure of finding just the tapestries you need, for your space.

It is very important to lock a few things before you step out to buy your hippie tapestries. Firstly, you have to measure your wall to ensure you get a Hippie Tapestry that fits your space. You will have to determine how much space you would need around your tapestry after you mount it on the center of your wall. This will intuit the size of the tapestry you would need.

Bohemian Tapestry

You can go for the perfect hippie tapestry after focusing on your needs and budget.You can opt for splashes of color orceltic designs, tie dye or others.They come in different price ranges, from affordable to expensive. It is better to remember all this when you go tapestry shopping.

Hippie Tapestries can be used as bedspreads, doorway covers, windows curtains and even floor coverings. As bed spreads they can give a very attractive look to your room. The flexibility that these Hippie tapestries provide enhances their usability when you get them home.

There are many things you need to consider such as color, design and fabric, while choosing the right Hippie Tapestry. The fabric should match with that of your curtain or upholstery in your room and the color should go with your theme. The design should be appealing enough to enhance the effect of your space.

Always make sure to check the material of the tapestry that you buy. Never jump into the decision of buying it, even if you find the designs attractive. You can ask the shopkeeper to reserve it for you and look around a little more. You can check for a few online too.

Purchasing tapestries would also mean purchasing rods and brackets to fix them up on your wall. You have to keep in mind the weight of the tapestry, while purchasing these hardware items. You could even place a sleeve at the back of the tapestry and hang it like a curtain.

Blue Green Hippie Tapestries

Brads and Tacks may keep your tapestry from swaying across the rod. Make sure you buy adequate number of tacks to attach the tapestry to the wall so that it doesn’t sag. You can also make use of Velcro strips.

You can also drape these hippie wall tapestries behind your furniture. If you have a music theme, a Hippie tapestry can fit beautifully into it. You may even think about engaging a soul flower style as a conversation piece.

Although Tapestries were bought by affluent families back then, they are no more restricted for purchase by the wealthy. If you are willing to put it up in your house, you can easily buy one.

A Hippie tapestry is a great way to express your feelings. It is very important to clean and maintain them so that they don’t fade away or get damaged.



Happy tapestry shopping!

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