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How to Choose the Right Tapestry for your Home?

The way you decorate your home is absolutely your decision. You may want to take the opinion of your family members to check if they like what you want to do with your home. Putting up a tapestry on one of the walls of your house is a great idea to decorate your space. Here are a few tips that can help you in selecting the right tapestry:

Go with the theme of your home decor

Every home has a theme; it could be a cottage home, a French styled home, a traditional home or a modern home. The tapestry that you choose should complement the style and go well with your theme. However, in a modern home, you can play around with a lot of styles and still make the tapestry fit.

Match the tapestry with the size of your wall

A large tapestry might look good on a large wall. It might in fact act like a backdrop to your room, giving you the illusion that you are actually walking into some other place or time. It can be quite impressive. However, a small tapestry on a large wall may fail to create an impact. Similarly a large tapestry on a small wall can make your space look crampy.

Consider the surrounding colours

Any tapestry might look good on a light coloured wall. However, if you have a strongly coloured wall, you may have to make sure the colour of the tapestry goes well with your wall. If not it might look way out of sync. You can even go for a contrast colour that can enhance the effect of your tapestry.

Your preferences play a major role in selecting tapestries

Ultimately, the tapestry that you choose should be according to your liking. While a few may go for romantic scenes, others may prefer nature abounds. If you are an animal lover, you may go in for an animal tapestry or if playing with colours appeals to you, you could even choose an ombre tapestry. Look through a variety of options and then make your decision.

Make sure the tapestry you choose creates the desired impact

You can create different impacts by choosing different tapestries. For instance, a mandala tapestry may create serenity in your space, while a floral tapestry may add some romance to your space. You can even put up a tapestry that depicts nature to create the illusion of a large living space.

Select a tapestry that comes with a tunnel at the back

This will make it easier for you to hang the tapestry. All that you need to do is insert a tapestry rod and mount it up on your wall. All tapestries may not come with a tunnel; however, it is always better to check for one.

To enhance the beauty of your tapestry you can also purchase a beautiful tapestry rod. You get many with elegant designs that give a nice finish to your tapestry. Choose the color of the rod according to the tapestry and your wall. Whatever you do, choose the best tapestry and enhance the beauty of your space.

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