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How to hang a Tapestry on your Wall?


Tapestry looks the most elegant when hung on a wall. However, care needs to be taken to make sure it is hung well. Here are a few ways that you can adopt to hang your wall tapestry:

Rod with finials

In case the tapestry you bought contains rod pockets, then you can hang it using a rod with finials. It looks more or less like a curtain rod. The rod should however match the interiors of your space. Identify and mark the space where you wish to hang your tapestry. Attach the brackets to the stud finder and drill holes spaced so that the brackets sit just outside the width of the tapestry. Now, attach the bracket into the wall by inserting it into the holes that you have drilled. Place the rod through the rod pocket and hang the tapestry on wall mounted brackets. Make sure everything is fine and secure.


In order to hang a tapestry straight you can use a baseboard. However, you would still require your tapestry to have a rod pocket behind it. Cut a piece of baseboard or flat piece of wood that is slightly shorter than the tapestry’s width. Create a hole at each end of the baseboard so that they are equidistant from each other. To locate the studs in the wall use stud finder. Make sure the baseboard is at the right level before you screw them on the walls. You can use wall anchors in case it is a dry wall. Now slide the base board into the rod pocket of the tapestry and fix it on to the wall. Step back and see if the tapestry looks straight and even.


This is one of the easiest methods of hanging tapestries. Get a piece of Velcro shorter than the width of your tapestry. You would require both sides of your Velcro in order to hang tapestry. Stitch the soft side of the Velcro to the back top of the tapestry, using the same color thread. Makeholes at both the ends on wood strip or baseboard (which is shorter than tapestry width). Staple the stiffer side of the Velcro to the wooden strip with the help of wooden staples. With the help of boards mark the holes where the screw needs to be placed on the wall. Now, insert the screw into the wall through the board and attach the tapestry on board using Velcro.


Having a fringe at the top bottom of your tapestry may not look that elegant. Therefore take a piece of wood which is shorter than the length of the tapestry and paint it with the same color as that of the tapestry. Stitch the heavy fabric canvas across the tapestry with the same color thread just to wrap the wooden piece. Now, drill the wooden piece and fasten it on to the wall. Use the board to mark and drill holes into the wall. Use wall anchors if you are drilling on drywalls. Slide the board between the canvas and top of the tapestry. Lift the tapestry when you are tightening the screw and then drop it down, making sure it looks okay

It doesn’t matter which method you use to hang the tapestry on to your wall. Make sure it is hung well so that it creates the desired effect.

Happy tapestry shopping!

Thanks & regards
Dr. Hitesh Sharma
Bless International (™)

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