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7 Techniques To Hang Tapestries At Home



Tapestries can be ravishing decorations for rooms and walls that need something more. They can also add textures to walls and quench noised.There are many techniques to hang tapestries. You can choose any of the following methods and have a lovely tapestry hanging on your wall in split time.

Rod in casing

If your tapestries have a casing provision, than this may be the hanging option for you. You have to first Hand sew a strip of heavy fabric cotton cloth across the top back edge of the tapestry. Sew the top and bottom strip of the fabric, leaving the middle part open for your rod. Double stitch the fabric so that it is strong enough to hold the tapstries.Use the same color of thread as the tapestry while sewing. The casing should be perfectly straight, even if your tapestry doesn’t have a straight edge.

Velcro Method

Velcro is an easily alterable method of hanging tapestries. Make sure your Velcro has a good staying power, before you place your heavy tapestry on the wall. Sew the fuzzy side of the Velcro to the tapestry, using a similar color thread. Get a strip of wood which is slightly shorter than the tapestry and insert into the wall studs. Staple the stiffer side of the Velcro to the wood strip by using wood staples. Place the opposite Velcro piece on to the top of the backside of your tapestry and then connect your Velcro.

The Traditional Nail Style or Push Pin Method

If the tapestry is light enough you can nail it directly to the wall by using push pins and nails. This could be great for tapestries that arewoven loosely, as the nails would fit well between the wefts. It is necessary to create holes along the perimeter of your tapestry if it is woven tightly.

The Plywood Mounting Method

Stretch and staple your tapestry on to a plywood frame or a canvas material before placing it on the wall using wooden or designed metallic hangers. If you have a light or thin tapestry you can stretch linen canvas across the front portion of plywood frame and staple the fabric behind your board around the perimeter. You will then have to hand sew it directly to the center of the fabric by using heavy cotton same colored thread and curved needle.

The Foam Core Mounting Method

This is very similar to the plywood mounting method. Although the steps are similar, you will not be sealing or stapling your heavy Lenin fabric on to the wood. You will instead be placing it on a foam board.

Tapestry as a vaulting feature

This is a great idea to decorate your house ceiling in a unique way. A tapestry hanging from your ceiling can create a magnificent, dramatic, and a wonderful space while blendingalong with the other decorative stuff at your home.

Tapestry as bedhead

By using your tapestry as a bedhead, not only would you be adding a touch of glamor and elegance to your bedroom, you will also be saving a lot of money. You could even match it along with a rug.


Happy tapestry shopping!

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