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How to Hang your Tapestry from the Ceiling?

Tapestries are excellent tools to decorate your home or office. Apart from hanging the tapestries on your walls, you could even fix them up to your ceiling. In case you are confused about how to do this, here are a few steps you need to follow:

Step #1:

First thing you need to do is mark the area on your ceiling. The tapestry will have to be placed very close to your wall. You need to make sure your daily movements will not cause the tapestry to get stuck anywhere.

Step #2:

Take a measuring tape and measure the maximum length of your tapestry rod. This rod will have to slide into the rod pocket of tapestry so that the heavy fabric can stay flawless, reducing the risk of sagging. Most of the rod models you find can be adjusted according to the desired length and are flexible enough to accommodate different sizes of tapestries. In case your tapestry doesn’t have in-built pockets you may have to sew the pockets into the fabric.

Step #3:

Climb up the ladder to reach up to your ceiling. You may seek help from your friend or a family member to hold on to the ladder base for safety. On the left hand side of the ceiling you will have to place the stud finder to make a connection point for the tapestry. Turn on the device and allow it to boot up.

Step #4:

Now, slowly move the device towards the right hand side of the ceiling. Stop moving the device across the ceiling when you hit a wooden beam edge or joist. You can mark this spot using a pencil.

Step #5:

Continue the movement of the stud finder to the right until it detects the opposite edge of the beam or joist, roughly 1.5inch away. Mark this edge on the ceiling with a pencil.

Step #6:

In between the two ceiling marks place the end of your measurement tape. Until you reach the same length of the tapestry rod expand the measuring tape along the deliberate installation area. Mark this end with the help of pencil.

Step #7:

Continue the same process from step 4 till step 6 to find the joist or wood beam near the newly marked length. The beam or joist may not remain in the same marked length position; it may be few inches here or there, as per the construction of your house. You may have to adjust the rod length according to the beam or joisting length.

Step #8:

Using a power screwdriver tighten the tapestry hook or bracket into the left side ceiling joists’ middle point. You can place a fastener in the middle of the joists for better attachment.

Step #9:

Repeat the same to bolt the right side tapestry hook or bracket too.

Step #10:

Slide the tapestry onto the rod. Place the rod ends into the bolted ceiling hooks. The fasteners should hold the tapestry tightly without damaging the surrounding ceiling area.


Happy tapestry shopping!

Thanks & regards
Dr. Hitesh Sharma
Bless International (™)


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