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Rugs vs Tapestries

Both rugs and tapestries are capable enough to add some ambience to your room. Apart from warming up your space, these can also make a huge room appear much smaller, giving it a cozy and comfortable effect. You can go for any depending upon the theme of your room. However, it is always better to understand the differences between the two.

            Rugs                                                                          Tapestries

RugsIndian Mandala Tapestry


Rugs are weaves that are meant to cover the floor. Although most of them come with piled weavings, you may find a few with flat weaves too. In such rugs, different coloured warp and weft threads would be woven together to create structural patterns or images.

In piled weaving rugs, you will find images or patterns that are made through coloured knots of wool on the warp threads. These are then held in place by the weft threads. Once these knots are sheared, you will see an evenly piled rug.  Piled rugs make beautiful wall hangings. If you have any precious or antique rugs, it may be a good idea to put them up on your walls.

Rugs are easily portable and durable. They are also easier to maintain as all you would need to do is vacuum them. Choosing rugs depend on the room in which you will display them. For rooms that receive heavy traffic, you may have to choose a rug with a dull shade as people will only pass through the rug. It is not an eye-catcher here. In an entry way, you may want a rug with a simple message like Welcome. It is better if you choose one that reflects your personality.


Tapestries on the other hand, are created on looms through patterned weavings. They are meant to be hung up on the walls. The images that you see on tapestries are created by choosing different colours of weft threads that are then woven across the warp threads. Therefore, these images will be structural to the fabric of the tapestry.

Unlike Rugs, Tapestries are meant to be seen always. They tend to speak great volumes of your tastes and styles. You should choose tapestries with rich and warm colours that complement your walls. You should make sure the designs are not too overwhelming. Placing a mirror opposite to wall that has a tapestry can add some special effects.

Tapestries can be a little tricky to maintain as they are usually delicate when compared to rugs. However, if you follow the right methods to take care of them, you can enjoy them for a long time to come.

Both rugs and tapestries may be found in different materials and designs, everywhere in the world. You can also buy them online. It pays to understand these varieties and the pros and cons thereby, before you start buying them for your home. You need not stick with one of them. You can decorate your home with a combination of rugs and tapestries. However, make sure the colors and designs you choose complement each other and make the overall effect appealing and aesthetically pleasant.


Happy tapestry shopping!

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