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Taking Care of your Tapestries – Part 2

In my earlier blog you might have read about the basic maintenance stuff you need to do to take care of your tapestries. This blog will give you instructions on how to keep your tapestries clean at all times.

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The bold colours and intricate patterns of tapestries create warmth and add a lot of beauty to your space. Most of the times, we hang our tapestries on the walls of our homes to add to the decor. Very few owners may however spread it out on the floor or use it as a bed spread.

In case you have hung your tapestry on the wall, it may not get too dirty for a deep clean. Using a vacuum cleaner would be good enough to keep it looking clean and fresh. Here are a few steps you need to follow to clean your tapestry if it has been hanging on your wall:

Step #1

Remove the tapestry from your wall, in case it is too high to reach. You may need to use a stool or a ladder that is safe enough to prevent you from falling. Take help if required.

Step #2

Spread it out on a flat surface, which could be a table, a bed or floor that is free from any kind of dirt or stain. You may place a few weights at the corners to make sure your tapestry doesn’t blow away while you are vacuuming.

Step #3

Take out your vacuum cleaner and plug it in. Connect the upholstery attachment that comes with stiff bristles. The head would be in the shape of a rectangle or an oval.

Step #4

Switch on the vacuum cleaner and gently run the upholstery attachment across the length of your tapestry. A top-to-bottom approach would be a good one. The top side is where most of the dust collects if your tapestry has been hanging on the wall.

Step #5

Once you are done, you can flip your tapestry to the other side and repeat step number 4. This may not take that much of time as the backside would be considerably clear of dust.

Step #6

In case your tapestry doesn’t look clean even after you vacuum it, you may have to take it to a dry cleaner. Make sure you find out if your tapestry can be dry cleaned. There are some varieties such as Italian tapestries, French reproduction tapestries, hand-woven tapestries or woollen tapestries that are not to be dry cleaned. If yours is one of these, you may have to look for a rug cleaner who takes up cleaning of antique textiles and high-end carpets. It is better you find out these things before you buy your tapestry so that you have a fair idea of the kind of money you may have to spend on its maintenance.

Tapestries that are dirt-free and fresh give a nice look to your home. Anyone that comes in will spend quite a bit of their time in admiring the intricate patterns of your tapestry. You are sure to be full of compliments by the time they leave.


Happy tapestry shopping!

Thanks & regards
Dr. Hitesh Sharma
Bless International (™)

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