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Tapestries – The Most Popular Varieties

There are many options when it comes to home décor; yet using tapestries is a very unique one. Back in the olden days, only affluent families hung tapestries on the walls of their huge houses. However, today tapestries have gained a lot of popularity, which has made them enter into almost every house, all over the world.


Not only does a tapestry enhance the décor of your house, it also makes your surroundings feel very cozy.  They are available everywhere in different materials, sizes and designs. You can choose any according to your requirements and preferences. The effect of tapestries cannot be compared to any other form of wall decoration including exclusive oil paintings. These are definitely something you can be proud of.

Tapestries come in various materials like linen, cotton and wool. You may also find few with silver or gold works that add a touch of elegance and luxury. Not only are these materials high in quality, they are also very durable. Most of them are woven and even embroidered with intricate and delicate patterns that instantly the capture the attention of your visitors.

A good thing about tapestries is that they are very light in weight. You can move them around easily and even roll them over. Mounting and dismounting can be done very easily, as and when required. Therefore, you can keep changing the appearance of your space every now and then, without any worries. What’s more – you will find them for every budget.

Off all the varieties of tapestries available in the market, the most popular ones are the Belgian Tapestries and the European Tapestries. Both of these are available in many designs and patterns. Not only do they add the touch of class and elegance to your homes, they are also very practical because of their high quality and durability.

Belgian Tapestries

Belgian Tapestries are of three types -Bayeux tapestries, Beatrix tapestries and Antique Belgian Tapestries. While Bayeux tapestries depict the scenes of war between England and Normandy (1066 A.D), Beatrix Tapestries are more intricately detailed to catch your eye.

With themes such as lush gardens, wild animals, beautiful nature scenes and various romantic concepts, Beatrix Tapestries become the focal points of attention once they adorn the walls of your home. Antique Belgian tapestries are those that you can find in family vaults and museums. They undoubtedly belonged to the royalty once upon a time.

European Tapestries

Most European Tapestries come with biblical stories that represent the events that are depicted in the Bible. You may also find a few with patronized and popular European designs such as castles, landscapes, cities, oriental designs, wildlife and animal images. Those associated with the romantic themes, nautical themes and myths are quite highly valued by each and every art collector and artist. There are a few customary designs such as unicorn, wine and feast, religious, floral, temples and Asian too.

You may choose a design based on your personality instead of going for the most popular one. Picking a rare one can give your home an exceptional and unique look. If you do choose wisely, you can be sure of leaving your visitors with awe and wonder when they come have a look at the tapestry you have hung on your wall.

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