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The Right Way For Hanging Tapestries

In contrast to a framed print, each tapestry is made on the loom separately and it is because they are made individually that there may be differences in the weave, hanging undulations and moreover, they may not be square in shape.

Several of the concluding jobs are done by people, who specialize in tapestry, on pieces, which are obtained immediately from the loom. Afterwards, these wall decors are completed using hands by including linens, rod pockets and borders so that they can be hanged without much trouble. Some tapestries may also have tabs or loops (not necessary for the purpose of hanging). The cushion is then completed by wrapping or covering it with velvet backing, which are available in five colors, along with a concealed zip fastener and matching piping.

Hanging tapestries with rod pockets can be done by in a number of methods.

Wall Hanging Tapestry

First chop of a particular length of round rod of wood. Now you put in tiny cup-hooks in to both the ends of the rod and then you place them over tiny picture hook pins. Now isn’t this a simple, fast and cheap method?

You can also buy a metal rod along with finials from an interior store or a local drapery shop. You can hang the tapestry off the wall by making use of the brackets given. Moreover, you can also hang the rod over two nails on the wall hammered at a forty-five degree angle. You may also include a pair of cords with tassels to both sides if you wish to link the tapestry to your present decoration. You may want to make use of this technique in case your tapestry has hanging loops by placing the rod above the tapestry on the wall.

However, in case your tapestry is not lined then you can frame it like you frame a manuscript or a good painting.

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