Tree of Life Tapestries

One of the most enduring and pervasive legends in the history of religion is that of the tree of life. Millenniums ago this was a real tree that actually grew on our planet. It has forever been associated with immortality and divinity.

Almost all cultures of the world seem to have a history for tree of life. Back then it was known as the world tree or axis mundi. Tree of life with associated with two other symbols, which include the Earth Goddess and the serpent. You will find many stories related to the tree of life and the goddess. It symbolizes evolution of people, language and culture. It explains our existence in this world and reminds us of our responsibility towards the world.

A tree of life tapestry can look absolutely beautiful and exotic in any space. You can create a focal point in your living room by putting up a tree of life wall tapestry on your wall. With so many designs, colours and sizes available, you are surely going to find the perfect Tree of Life Tapestry Wall Hanging.

Apart from using them as wall hangings, you can also use tree of life tapestries as bedspreads, table cloths, curtains, picnic blankets, beach blankets and couch covers. They make excellent gifts for weddings and house warming occasions. They look exotic as dorm decorations, bringing in a welcoming homely feel to the space.

You can choose from different kinds of tree of life tapestries including:

Tree of Life Elephant Tapestry:Tree of life has great mythological significance in almost all cultures and religions.In an elephant tree of life tapestry an elephant is usually shown as the basis of evolution, located at the base of the tree. The elephant comes with rich intricate designs that make it look absolutely exotic. You may find other designs surrounding the tree of life such as flowers, stars or leaves. It might also come with a lovely border.

Tree of Life Tapestry Hippie:Tree of life wall hanging tapestry with colourful and vibrant hippie designs can liven up just about any space. The floral designs in lovely colours look really exotic on a tree of life tapestry. Such tapestries come in different variations, with each piece looking absolutely unique and innovative. One such tree of life tapestry wall hanging is sure to catch the eye of every visitor that walks into your space.

Tree of Life Indian Tapestry:The Indian tree of life tapestry looks really ethnic and traditional once mounted on a wall. In fact such a tree of life wall tapestry can bring in an exotic Mughlai look to your space, taking you to a completely different world deep into the history. It can make a beautiful headboard if you mount it on the wall behind your bed in your dorm. It can also make an exotic curtain that commands attention.

Mandala Tree of Life Tapestry:Although rare to find, this type of tapestry comes with a rounded tree of life. These tapestries are generally plain otherwise, thus highlighting the beauty of the tree of life. By putting it up on your wall or using it as a curtain, you can feel as though you are a part of the nature. The best part is that you don’t have to water or take care of this tree. It stays fresh forever, almost as if it is etched into your wall. This type of tapestry looks the best when the tree of life is in black against a white or beige background.

Psychedelic Tree of Life Tapestry:If you want to put up a tree of life wall tapestry that creates a hallucinating effect on the minds of your visitors, you should probably go for a psychedelic tree of life tapestry. The play of vibrant colours that you can see in such tapestries can absolutely amaze you. Its multi-colour look will go with probably any theme or décor, making the tapestry stand out amidst all other distractions.

Tree of Life Tie Dye Tapestry:Similar to a psychedelic tree of life tapestry, a tree of life tie dye tapestry can also look very colourful and elegant. The different hues blend so well in one piece of cloth, to create an absolutely elegant effect. Whether you go for a single colour tie Dye tapestry or a multi-coloured one, it is sure to transform your space into something really beautiful.

Bless Store offers a wide range of Tree of life Tapestries in every design or colour you can think of. We can also give you the exact size in case you are looking for a tree of life tapestry bedspread. They are made using high quality 100% cotton fabrics that are absolutely skin-friendly. Almost all of them are exclusively handmade by selected artisans and craftsmen who are experts in their work.

We want to offer unique pieces to every customer who comes looking for tree of life tapestry for sale. This is one reason why we don’t take up mass production. We screen-print each and every tapestry that takes about a week of time. It is only after that that we take up the production of the next tapestry. All tapestries are constructed using power looms that are absolutely tight. The result is beautiful tapestries, thin as sheet, and protected with hemmed edges.

Don’t waste any more time. Have a look at all the tree of life tapestries on Bless eStore and order that perfect Tree of Life Tapestry before anyone else grabs it.

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